Friday, October 9, 2009

Paris, Lovely

(This building, the Petit Palais in Paris, is where the Chanel Fashion Show usually takes place). Karl Lagerfeld creates backgrounds for the Chanel show, which have included (everything GIANT) a black bow, an Original Chanel Cardigan, a merry go round, and most recently, a farm).

Darlings, yesterday (Thursday, October 9, 2009) marked the end of the 1 Month-long fashion season (Spring 2010) which includes New York, London, Milan and Paris.
Let me tell you, I am a bit more than sad too see this Spring 2010 Fashion Month Pass, most notably Paris [Stella and Valentino and Lanvin, cough, cough].
I'd like to know: what were your favourite shows of this Fashion season?

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