Friday, June 25, 2010

Life is Coming Up Blue Roses

Here is gorgeous Courtney again! It is always so nice when I have the opportunity to photograph other people for this blog. Sometimes it gets boring if you only photograph yourself all of the time!
Here Courtney is wearing a beautiful blue summer dress with a rosette cincher from Paris, France. Lucky her!
The belt adds a great detail to an otherwords plain dress.
This pleated satchel is from Europe as well! I love the nude colour and glamourous folds combined with the buttery leather. Fashion bliss!
Courtney tops her look off with a pair of black ruffled sandals. These would be great to complete almost any outfit!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Exciting news!!!

Hi lovelies,
How are you all doing?
I got this picture from If it is not allowed on The Look Book then just tell me... I would be glad to remove it!
In this picture are Teen Vogue Fashion Market Editor Mary Kate Steinmiller (left) and Teen Vogue Public Relations Director Eleanor Banco. I love love love their dresses. Also... if Eleanor owns that amazing (what I believe is Valentino) dress, then I am seriously envious of her! Why did I choose to put this picture on The Look Book? ... because I hope to meet Mary Kate Steinmiller and Eleanor Banco when I go to visit Teen Vogue. That is right dearies! Yours truly will be popping by the Teen Vogue corporate headquarters for a little visit with the lovely Editors at the magazine. Only 16 more days! I will keep you guys posted.

Until then... I need to study for my final exams and get shopping for an outfit for my special day! Any suggestions?

Oh... and how do you like my header? A little too large? I will change it at some point...


Jill Xo

Thursday, June 17, 2010

History of a Fashionista

I thought I would give you lovelies a little glimpse of an outfit what I wore before I started fashion blogging:
Cardigan Vintage Ports 1961.
Tank top American Eagle Outfitters Fall/Winter 2007.
Skirt A wardrobe STAPLE of mine still, from Gap's Holiday 2008 Collection.
Tights Via Spiga.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Interview with Canadian Fashion Design Icon, Linda Lundstrom

Who enters Sharon’s of Hyde Park?
Why, none other than Linda Lundstrom, Iconic Canadian Fashion Designer herself!

Today Linda is wearing a black and white plaid collared jacket (the Lumber Jill Coat) over a gray woolly turtleneck (which is perfect for the gloomy, rainy weather), black skinny jeans semi-tucked into chunky brown ankle boots, topped off with a slitted gold tubular necklace and bracelet of her own.
This is the RESORT collection:

“People come who want to see the clothes and they see what they like, hoping to not have to go to stores and dig for garments while they are busy getting plane tickets”.
“The idea is to take everything you need for one vacation into one carryall.” “This is how you do it [and she just takes all of her garments still on the hanger’s and rolls them all up into a doughnut shape].
“I do NOT bask in the sun, but spend all of my time in the shade, and I still get a tan.

At this event were ladies in the 50’s+ age range (because that is who Linda’s clientele base are, a couple of which whom were sporting vintage, original Linda Lundstrom garments dating back to Fall/Winter 1977). One noted lady was a seemingly blinged out Grandma who was wearing a light teal, almost turquoise ruched sleeved dress complete with clean makeup, large diamond earrings and heels.

Jill Beretta meets iconic Canadian Fashion Designer Linda Lundstrom:
1. What first sparked your love of fashion?

I just loved to sew. When I was younger, I did not want to look like everyone else. My Mother had a fabric store in a basement, and my Mother was very interested in fashion. Fashion was something we did together.

2. What was your “big break”?

My big break was when I won a Fashion Canada Scholarship, and went to Europe for a year to study fashion.
I attended Sheridan College in Toronto, then worked in Toronto for awhile, before going to Europe to apprentice in the field of fashion design.

3. Can you please tell The Look Book readers of the different type of fabrics you use in your collections?
I like to use fabrics with personality, texture, and movement!
I have an interest in the way fabric drapes. I relate fabric to people: some people you get along with, and some you do not!
Although I have never met a silk I did not like, some jersey fabrics I love, and some I do not.

4. Please tell me about your signature Leparka coat. What was the inspiration for the creation of that particular fashion piece?

I had a vision. This vision just kept on coming back and back to me. I knew this vision was a parka coat, and although at the time I was mainly making dresses, I went for it and created the coat that is now called the Leparka.

5. Can you offer any pieces of advice for young hopefuls hoping to pursue a career in fashion?

If you want to work in fashion, you cannot picture yourself in any other industry but the fashion world. In my opinion, there are people who love fashion, and people who ARE fashion. The difference between people who love fashion, and the people who ARE fashion is that people who love fashion should work at a bank and buy nice clothes, but people who ARE fashion devote every cell of their being 24/7 to fashion. People who love fashion judge others based on what they are wearing, and people who ARE fashion do NOT judge others based upon what others are wearing. If you want to work if fashion, you will work for free. Fashion is can be a career, but fashion is an art form. People who want to work in fashion must be an informed member of society, in the area of politics and world issues, art, and architecture, and be able to relate those facets of society in a way to fashion.

Thank you so, SO much for speaking with us Linda. It was such an honour to meet such an icon this evening.

When I met Linda Lundstrom, Part 1

Hi guys!
So I actually cannot believe I am embarking on this post at this time.
I actually met ICONIC Canadian Fashion designer LINDA LUNSTROM!!!!!!!! at Sharon's of Hyde Park, in London, Ontario... FOREVER ago.
This sign was standing to notify the shoppers that Linda Lundstrom was in the boutique. This event was probably the most amazing fashion event I have been to thus far. I was covering this trunk show for blog material, and I was probably the youngest lady in the shop... because Linda's clientele is around 50 years + . At the end of the event when everyone had left, I stuck around for a PERSONAL fashion show in which I was the model, strutting my stuff in my uniform duds!
This is a rack of Linda's Spring/Summer 2010 clothing garments.
This is a silk chiffon skirt from Linda's Spring/Summer 2010 collection.

This is a closeup of the print on the aforementioned silk chiffon skirt. It is hand painted! Can you believe it?!
More to come! Please stay tuned!

Jill xo

Friday, June 11, 2010

Interview with Eva Chen, TEEN VOGUE 's Beauty and Health Director

Photo of EVA CHEN via Teen Vogue. If this picture is not allowed on The Look Book, just let me know!
Here is an amazing interview with Eva Chen, who is Teen Vogue's super sweet, intelligent, and sophisticated Beauty and Health Director. Enjoy!

1) What is your home town?

I grew up in New York City! I went to a private, all-girls school on the Upper East Side. Similar in attitude to Gossip Girl, however, clearly I was never like that! I was a big bookworm growing up!

2) Current place of residence:

I still live in Manhattan, in Greenwich Village.

3) What does your daily beauty routine consist of?

Every morning, I wash my face, apply a serum, then apply SPF 30. At night, I wash my face, apply a serum, and then apply a night cream, eye cream, and lash serum! I also moisturize my body every night!

4) What education do you have?

High school degree, university degree, and a masters in Journalism from Columbia.

5) Why were you drawn to a career in the magazine industry?

I always loved to read magazines and books growing up. I’d even read cookbooks—anything I could get my hands on! I love that I’m contributing to a magazine that I love - and one that makes a difference in the lives of young women everywhere!

6) Why did you choose to work at Teen Vogue?

Well, I was working at ELLE magazine at the time and it was sort of like Teen Vogue chose ME! The beauty editor position opened up and the editor in chief, the very talented Amy Astley, called me! I’m so grateful to work at Teen Vogue, I love the celebs we cover (Hello, Robert Pattinson!) and the topics.

7) What do your daily tasks at the magazine include?

I oversee the layouts, text, and execution of the beauty and health pages and also contribute to the website (I have a Beauty Blog) and special projects like the Teen Vogue Handbook! A lot of my day is actually spent in meetings, whether it’s with the Art Department (at Teen Vogue) or with the creators of a hot new fragrance!

8) What is your favourite part of working at Teen Vogue?

Definitely the fact that every day is different. I love never being bored! And I love talking to teens...

9) (The fact that you are a beauty editor made me not be able to resist :) What are some of your all time favourite beauty products?
Oh, great question! There are too many to count!
I love:
Aveeno foaming cleanser for sensitive skin
Olay Regenerist
Maybelline lipgloss
Nars cream blush
Rimmel nailpolish
Ren Organics body scrub
the list goes on!!

10) You are a beauty and health editor, so one health related question: what kind of food do you eat?
I totally believe that beauty begins with what you eat and how you treat your body as a whole! I eat a TON of fruits and veggies - they’re my favorite food group by far! I love eggs (which are great for skin/nails) as well... And peanut butter :)

As well, be sure to check out Eva's beauty blog on the Teen Vogue website. You can find it here: !

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

The 2010 Annual CFDA (Council of Fashion Designer of America Awards).

Hi loves!
As you probably all know, the CFDA or Council of Fashion Designers of America Awards were held last evening. I browsed through all of's photos of stars clad in fancy attire to pick my favourite ensemble of the night. AND THE WINNER IS:... !!!!! ... Dakota Fanning. This specific outfit consists of a Jennifer Behr headpiece, Marchesa dress, and Brian Atwood shoes. I love Dakota's hair and shoes in this picture!

Here are the winners of the CFDA'S this year:

Board of Directors Special Tribute
Alexander McQueen

Womenswear Designer of the Year
Marc Jacobs

Menswear Designer of the Year
Rag & Bone

Accessory Designer of the Year
Alexis Bittar

Swarovski Award for Womenswear
Jason Wu

Swarovski Award for Menswear
Richard Chai

Swarovski Award for Accessory Design
Alexander Wang

International Award
Christopher Bailey for Burberry

Geoffrey Beene Lifetime Achievement Award
Michael Kors

Eugenia Sheppard Award
Paper’s Kim Hastreiter

Eleanor Lambert Award
Vogue’s Tonne Goodman

L’OrĂ©al Popular Vote Award
Ralph Lauren


Hi dolls and guys!
10 is a lovely number of followers. Thank you for reading and supporting The Look Book. You guys are the greatest!

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Florals and Sunshine

Hi lovelies,
I hope you are all having a great weekend so far!
I am so thankful to my dearest friend Courtney who got up the courage to model for The Look Book. My favourite part of this outfit is most DEFINITELY the floral skirt. I LOVE it (hence why I told her that she MUST wear it because of it's AMAZINGNESS).
I love the bow detail on this floral skirt. Courtney made it all by HERSELF. Can you believe it?! I also like how Courtney chose a great white shirt to pair with the skirt, creating all of the attention to go to her skirt. Florals are so IN this season.
Pearls are so classy, chic, and classic. I love them!
This floral bow headband which Courtney donned almost perfectly matched her skirt, creating unity in this outfit.

Courtney finished off her summertime perfect outfit with a simple silver braclet and heeled sandals.

Friday, June 4, 2010


Hi everyone,
How are you all doing?
The weather has been so icky in London the past few days.
I cannot decide which picture to add to my header. Oh, the decisions!
I am doing a new outfit post... today or in the next couple of days.
Stay tuned!
Jill xo