Sunday, October 4, 2009

Double C's: The C of Fashion!

This image is courtesy of I never have, and never will support counterfeit fashion products (in other words, to me counterfeit is not chic).
C is for Coco (Gabrielle) Chanel.
Scandalous, prefering to wear bronzer and bright red lips (which was unheard of in her day) Chanel made clothes to covet. The companion of many lovers, most notedly Boy Capel, Coco released women from constraining whale bone corsets, which made women free in a fashionable sense. I loved Coco's clothes because they were always so effortless. My favourites from original Chanel were the fabulous boyish tweed suits, flowy jersey dresses, pearl necklaces and bows.
When Coco stepped down, the line was taken on by Karl Lagerfeld. The ladies still love Chanel.
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blackbird said...

In one of my classes today we were disscusing our "top fifteen coolest people" five of these had to be women, five had to be men and five had to be dead. Coco was mentioned and I thought of this post, as I had read it before class :p