Thursday, January 28, 2010

Remember this... ?

Photograph credit to
Remember this one? This is most likely my favourite dress of ALL time. I would love this dress for prom!
Would someone like to gift me with this fabulous frock?


Dear lovely blog readers,
My school examinations are FINALLY FINISHED. What a relief!
There is also another unrelated relief. Help for HAITI. While perusing online yesterday, I randomly ran into some pretty heartbreaking/disturbing photographs of individuals in poverty. I wish there was some way I could go down to help with the post-hurricane rubble Haiti has become. Fortunately there are many ways that you can donated to Haiti Relief. Some options are the and Please be generous by helping the people of Haiti - generosity is FASHIONABLE!
Jill xo

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Golden Globes Number One Style... in my opinion!

Dear blog readers,
How long it has been since I have posted. Studying for examinations has naturally hindered my fashion industry involvement. Boo. :)
Right now I should actually be studying, but I just can't. I have been seriously fashion deprived; so here goes:
I have immense difficulties keeping up with the fashion and sheer glamour of the awards show season because I receive lots of homework, which (although I currently cannot study) must be one of my first priorities.
Instead of feeling overly burdened about posting every single gown at every single awards shows, I have decided to post only what I love. Posting only what I love will not only save me time, but also goes along with my Meaningful Content value for this blog. If you want fuller, broader, coverage of all the fashion at the award shows I invite you to go to or (if you have not already, be SURE to check these stellar sites out. You will not be disappointed.
All pictures of Chloe Sevigny below are from If they are not allowed on THELOOKBOOK, off they go!
The number one best dressed (in my opinion) at the 2010 Golden Globe Awards was actress/designer Chloe Sevigny. Of course. Anyone wearing SS2010 Valentino will obviously be on MY/probably ANY bested dressed list.
On the picture above, I love Chloe's simple smokey eye with her clean hair and makeup. The beauty look she chose really allows for her dress to take center stage... DA, DA, DA!
and THE dress. HOLY AMAZING DRESS. This dress on is taking my breath away. The flowy ruffles are so romantic and beautiful.
This dress gets me wondering: did Chloe do an outfit change? because this dress less browny/neutral and more purple-y/coloury (or maybe it is just the lighting in the photographs?).
I was going to post another dress (that shall remain unmentioned) but after posting this dress there was no way I could add another dress in the same post as this dress.
Someone will have to wake me up from my sartorial dream.
Jill xo

Saturday, January 9, 2010

I once heard that prettiness is the enemy of beauty...

Whilst currently browsing some of my favourite blogs (Fashionista, teenVOGUE's Talking Fashion among others) I heard that Karlie Kloss was 2009's Breakout Model. Not surprizing. Karlie Kloss is beautiful (which is probably why Karlie has both Dior and Hermes advertising Campaigns lined up for Spring). I could not believe I had not yet posted these images yet. They are all from Alberta Ferretti's Fall 2008 Ready to Wear Runway Show (and are some of my favourite of the model).
In my opinion, this beauty look is stunning. The nude lips and similar cheek colour look lovely together. The softly lined eye makeup is beautiful, and Karlie's hair is perfect.
I wanted to show you all a detailed closeup of this dress. Is not that pattern stunning? I love the shape, pattern and style of this dress. The opaque tights suit the dress well, and the blue of the strappy heels compliment the outifit well.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Happy New Year and other Pretty Details!

Dear ladies and gents,

How are you all?

HAPPY NEW YEARS! Many blessings for a safe, happy, and stylish 2010 to all.

I just wanted to let you all know that I have been dreaming of self-styled posts for ages. Since my first published post, I believe.
Anyway, back to self-stylization. Oh, how I want to show you some oufits of my own! I have not been able to get together self-styled OR self-directed photography shoots onto my blog. The problem is, I did not want to post my own clothes because I was very bored with them... until recently. I needed new clothes, which I recently received. I do not know how to express the appreciation and love to my AMAZING Grandparents for treating me to beautiful, new clothing - so I will not try to write how I feel, as I know that my words will not express my gratitude to a fair degree. My new fashion pieces are beautiful, so hopefully I will be able to show some of my clothes to you all soon!

Which brings me to tell you, last night my family and I had a photography shoot with the lovely photographer Megan Dauphinee of Megan was a blast to shoot with because she is fun and super passionate about photography (which made me like Megan even more)! The reason I am filling you all in about my family photography shoot with Megan is because (upon my request) Megan unselfishly took many snaps of my brand new outfit I wore to the photography shoot last night, of which Megan will let me post on THELOOKBOOK. I am so excited about showing you fashionistas Megan's work with my outfit!
I highly reccommend Megan if you are in need of a photographer! Megan is SO talented at her craft.

Thank you for reading,

Please stay tuned,

Jill Xo

Friday, January 1, 2010

There Once was a Couple Cute Clips is where this photograph is from. If this picture is not allowed on my blog, then off it goes!
This is a bit of a different post, I know; but I think it is nice to shake posts up once in a while, if you know what I mean. I love the pearly sequin loveliness of these Juicy Couture hair clips. The chiffon-y like fabric adds a level of sweet elegance to these particular hair accessories. I also think that the not too curly, not too straight, perfectly done hair in this photograph would suit these hair clips fabulously.
I would love to know, what do you think of these clips?