Saturday, October 31, 2009

A Lesson in Fashion.

One of the reasons why I love fashion so much is because the industry is so diverse - there is never room for boringness, because the fashion world brings so much to the table! Fashion has many facets that can be thought of like school subjects.
Here, a lession in Fashion:

Mathematics: the price tags on designer garments are numbers (which are added up when shoppers purchase designer clothing). Who says that is not Math?!

English: Reading and writing for magazines and blogs is most definitely brushing up on your reading and writing skills!

Geography: The core fashion weeks take place in cities all over the map such as New York, London, Milan and Paris. And I never thought I was geographically inclined...

Art: Fashion designers are artists because they create beautiful clothing using their imagination and handiwork.

Communications: Creating magazine covers and editing beauty photographs on PhotoShop and CorelDraw is seemingly communicative.

Photography: World renowned fashion photographers snap models for magazine and online editorials.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Friday Roses/MyFavouriteLook

(Photo credit to I will delete this photo if is not allowed on THELOOKBOOK.)
It is Friday, and I am looking forward to the weekend! I hope that I may have a few moments to catch up on my fashion magazine reading. I particularly loved the November issue of Teen Vogue (I highly recommend that you all peruse through the most current copy of the mag). Anyways, I just had to share this with you. I believe I was watching FashionFile (I think) a while ago, and came across this beauty from Marchesa. The raspberry-ish colour and rose like ruffles tickle my fancy - how about yours?

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Teen Vogue Partied...

Amy Astley, with [Super] model Chanel Iman (who has been a Teen Vogue cover girl two times!
Teen Vogue Fashion News Director Jane Keltner.
Teen Vogue Associate Fashion Market Editor Mary Kate Steinmiller (left) and Editorial Assistant Lindsay Talbot (right)
These are some snaps of Teen Vogue Editors at the party. Teen Vogue Editors (are, in my opinion) some of the best dressed in the industry, so I had to show you all their fashionable ensembles.
and they had a reason to!
Teen Vogue's Amy Astley (who is regarded as one of the nicest Editor and Chief's in the Fashion Industry) hosted a party at the Rose Bar, in New York, to celebrate the launch of The Teen Vogue Handbook: An Insiders Guide to Careers in Fashion.
A slew of Editors, Models, and Socialites (and Amy's family) came to tete the Teen Vogue Handbook.Add Image
Now this is a party I would have liked to attend!
How about you?!
(Pretty pictures taken from!)

Monday, October 19, 2009

Pink Sparkles (What could better?!)

(Before I rant about how amazing this dress from Rodarte designers Laura and Kate Mulleavy, I will mention to all of you that my posts lately have been fashionably late. I recognize that. But sometimes you just have to reminisce about some of your favourite fashion moments, no?)

How pretty is this rose pink Rodarte gown worn [ very well] by actress Natalie Portman? I love the purpley pink hue of this gown with the fabric... which I am guessing is chiffon :), and the sweetheart neckline is so sweet! (Pardon the pun). The sparkles in the bodice are lovely, and I like how Natalie chose to pair this dress with super short black nails - this pairing adds a great edge to this ensemble. The diamond bracelet is pretty to.
I am feeling sartorial... how about you?

Saturday, October 17, 2009

G is for...

Thank you for the picture, Teen Vogue! If this photograph of yours is not allowed on my blog, I will promptly delete it.
G is for Gucci Westman.
Gucci Westman is the current Creative Director of Revlon. After studying beauty at school in Paris, Gucci moved to New York because Gucci thought she wanted to work in Fashion. After awhile, I think Gucci realized her calling as a makeup artist. Gucci first worked doing makeup within music videos (mainly in L.A., with director Spike Jonze). After applying makeup to stars in music videos, Gucci relocated to New York where Gucci was first Creative director of Lancome Paris (before joining Revlon).

Thursday, October 15, 2009

F is for...

F is for Fashionista is an fashion informational and informative news blog. The knowledgeable blog Editors (Abby Gardner and Britt Aboutaleb) at Fashionista post daily about current events, and news happenings of the the fashion world; by using catchy blog post titles and witty writing. Fashionista is one of my absolute favourite websites!
I strongly encourage you to check out Fashionista at Please let me know what you think!
Jill Xo

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Lovin' Oldish

A Teen Vogue Showin'
How polished is this dress by Marc Jacobs (for his Marc by March Jacobs line), worn by Teen Vogue favourite Ali Michael? This dress is actually from the Spring/Summer 2008 Collection so that means you cannot purchase this dress. Tear. I believe this Collection of Marc Jacobs' was presented at Teen Vogue's Young Hollywood party (circa 2007?). I love the dark colour and the clean lines of this dress. I would pair this sleek number with a headband and [possibly] coloured tights, a la Blair Waldorf.
I would love to know: what do you think of this dress?!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Valentino, My Love

I love the soft draping of the ruffles on this nude dress. Also, aren't the shoes so gorgeous?!
I love the crossed neckline and sheer fabric on this mini, as well as the ribbon lining the bottom and the bow detail (on model Lily Donaldson's wasit). This hair is surprizingly reminiscent of my own. This is "normal girl" hair, not "perfect" hair.

I love, love, love this ruffled top with the leather ish pants. To me, this look is the perfect balance between masculine/feminine clothing pairings. J'adore.
How elegant is this beige-y gray gown on (one of my favourites!) model Karlie Kloss?! I love the ruched bow panel on the left side (looking at the dress!).
I could see this dress (shown above) in Teen Vogue.
I love model Chanel Iman (above). She is so fun and so beautiful!
I love how the ruffles are draped on the above dress. I love the sleeve and collar detail! I would love to have this bodysuit in my wardrobe. So pretty!
I love how softly beautiful this bow ruffle-y gown is. How delicately beautiful is this ruffled fashion creation?! Love.
This yellow dress is worn by gorgeous model Anna Selezneva (who was first model out). I could totally picture this number on Kate Bosworth!

Friday, October 9, 2009

Thank you Valentino

This image is from Coutorture. This blog would hardly exist without these people.
How lovely is this look from the Valentino Spring 2010 Paris Runway, worn by model Chanel Iman?
Ruffles on garments are my fashion dream, so this look is pretty much perfect in my book! I love the jacket and skirty combo - amazing. The shoes just finish this look off perfectly, non?

P.S. This post will eventually be deleted because I am going to post almost the whole Valentino show on my blog because I loved it so much. Stay tuned!

Paris, Lovely

(This building, the Petit Palais in Paris, is where the Chanel Fashion Show usually takes place). Karl Lagerfeld creates backgrounds for the Chanel show, which have included (everything GIANT) a black bow, an Original Chanel Cardigan, a merry go round, and most recently, a farm).

Darlings, yesterday (Thursday, October 9, 2009) marked the end of the 1 Month-long fashion season (Spring 2010) which includes New York, London, Milan and Paris.
Let me tell you, I am a bit more than sad too see this Spring 2010 Fashion Month Pass, most notably Paris [Stella and Valentino and Lanvin, cough, cough].
I'd like to know: what were your favourite shows of this Fashion season?

Thursday, October 8, 2009

The Teen Vogue Handbook: An Insiders Guide To Careers in Fashion!

Dear all,
I hope everyone is doing well.
This is a wee late, but I just wanted to let everyone know that The Teen Vogue Handbook: An Insiders Guide to Careers in Fashion is available, has been since Monday October 5 2009. This book is a practical how to guide with interviews from fashion industry starts on how to break into the fashion industry. I personally pre-ordered the book in the summer. I knew the book was coming out on August 20 2008 because Fashionista told us so.
I can hardly wait to have my hands on the book.
And... the fact that this tome is from Teen Vogue is amazing, and totally fashionably credible.
Will you people picking up this book?

E is for,

This image is a courtes of If this picture is not allowed on my blog, then of THELOOKBOOK the photo goes!
E is for Eva Chen.
Eva is the Beauty/Health Director at my beloved Teen Vogue. Eva has been with Teen Vogue for 3 1/2 years, and (in my opinion), does a fabulous job with the Beauty features in Teen Vogue. Eva's responsiblities at the blog include managing her assistant and interns, writing copy for the magazine, and choosing which cosmetic and beauty products make it in to the magazine, and in the "10 Most Wanted" section of the fashion mag.
Eva, if you are reading this I think you do a great job with you role at Teen Vogue, and thank you so much for answering my endless questions!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Shows, shows, and more shows!

My favourite shows of this Spring 2010 are Marc Jacobs, Oscar de la Renta, Lanvin, and Stella McCartney, just to name a few.
Be sure to look at the above mentioned shows on!
What have been your favourite shows of the Spring 2010 season?
I would love to know!

Ruffles at Stella

As Paris Spring 2010 Fashion Week continues, I must follow along with the fashion pack, chatting about my favourite runway looks. This mini, from Stella McCartney's Spring 2010 collection, is a beauty. I love the elegant ruffles on the top of the dress and the way the dress, even though small, flows. The bright colour and bottom ribbon finish off this number so well. This image is a courtesy of If it is not right to post this picture on my blog, then say goodbye to this post.


Exuse me dears, while I play around with layouts and words on this blog. I am still a newbie on the blogosphere.
Please let me know what you like/do not like. This blog is for you, from me.
XoXo FashionChatter

Monday, October 5, 2009

D is For...

D is for Canadian (Super)model Daria Werbowy. Known for her association with Lancome Paris Cosmetics, Daria is drop-dead gorgeous. Having graced the covers of Vogue, Paris Vogue, and Flare, Numero, Daria Werbowy has a kind of glamazonian beauty, leaving girls a wee jealous. I personally admire Daria because of her involvement with charitable organizations (Daria once created a collection of cosmetics for Lancome which proceeds went to an organization where underprivileged children could go to school). That is what I call model behaviour.

From Teen Vogue, with <3.

This image is from If it is not allowed on MY blog, then I will quickly remove it!
This just in: after a miniature lunch-time browsing session (on, of course) FashionChatter found out that models Chanel Iman and Jourdan Dunn are cover girls. My dearest Teen Vogue, I must thank you for listening to your readers.
Teen Vogue, I love you.
XoXo FashionChatter.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Double C's: The C of Fashion!

This image is courtesy of I never have, and never will support counterfeit fashion products (in other words, to me counterfeit is not chic).
C is for Coco (Gabrielle) Chanel.
Scandalous, prefering to wear bronzer and bright red lips (which was unheard of in her day) Chanel made clothes to covet. The companion of many lovers, most notedly Boy Capel, Coco released women from constraining whale bone corsets, which made women free in a fashionable sense. I loved Coco's clothes because they were always so effortless. My favourites from original Chanel were the fabulous boyish tweed suits, flowy jersey dresses, pearl necklaces and bows.
When Coco stepped down, the line was taken on by Karl Lagerfeld. The ladies still love Chanel.
C you later,

A little note of appreciation...

Hi my dears,
I just wanted to extend a warm thank-you to all of the readers of this blog - you are why this blog exists, and I thank you for showing an interest in my fashion blog.
Along with that comment, I would like to ask if you have any suggestions or comments to please send them my way!

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Lovely Glamour at Christian Dior.

This look is so rocker chic glam, non? I love, love, love the trench coat with the skinny bottoms and sparkly socks.
This is a runway look from the Christian Dior Ready To Wear Runway for Spring 2010.
Christian Dior is one of those shows that I always, always love. The clothing items that design genious John Galliano creates for the Christian Dior label are always so gorgeous, and look so good on women (hugging women's bodies in all the right places, accentuating their best features). I particulary loved the hair and makeup this season (Spring 2010) with the matte red lips and soft glamourous wavy hair. So pretty!
Again, this image is from Coutorture. You people rock. If I cannot post this image, then it will be deleted off of my blog immediately.
Thank you!

Draped perfection . . .

The Fashion month is well into its course as the Paris shows continue daily. Paris is a place of crazy creativity for fashion which causes many a thrill among the fashion set. My favourite Paris shows so far have been Lanvin (of course!) and Christian Dior (by John Galliano). Above, some snaps of the draped perfection seen at the Lanvin runway show.
Mr. Elbaz, you never fail to charm me with your clothing.
Thank you to Courtorture for the images above. I would not have this blog without you! If it is not okay to post these lovely snaps, off of my blog they go!

Thank you Coutorture!

Dearest readers,
How are you all?
I need to take this opportunity to thank the lovely people at Coutorture. I frequently utilize Coutorture to find the latest runway pictures (which I cannot seem to save on hmm). I hope borrowing your images is okay. If not, please let me know. Thank you!

Friday, October 2, 2009

The B of Fashion!

(Bobbi Brown in action at Rachel Roys Fall 2008/2009 presentation).
Dear fashion followers,
One of my dear readers informed me that I have failed to touch upon a large fashion topic - cosmetics, that is!
B is for Bobbi Brown Cosmetics.
Bobbi Brown is the President and Creator of her namesake company.
Bobbi launched her line in 1991 with 10 browny tinged lipsticks (introduced at Bergdorf Goodman, no less), and sold 100 tubes in the first day.
Bobbi Brown is the place to go if you are searching for beautiful cosmetics. The makeup artists who work at the Bobbi Brown Cosmetics counters are some of the nicest out there, making your Bobbi experience just lovely. One time I tried the Violet Ink Eyeliner, and the colour was perfect. I wear [almost] all MAC, but when it comes time to needing new makeup, I will most definitely choose Bobbi Brown. I do not know about you darlings, but makeup is one thing I have absolutely NO problem splurging on (caused by my slight makeup addiction), and I like the thought of putting only makeup with high quality ingredients on my skin.
Do you share my love of Bobbi Brown? I would love to hear your thoughts!
The image above is a courtesy of, the information . If I come to the realization that posting this image and information is not allowed, off THELOOKBOOK they go!
P.S. Please do not hesitate to leave comments and suggestions for my blog. I would love to hear from you!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

The ABC's of Fashion!

A little fashion reading from me, to you:
For the next 26 days (I hope), I will use a letter of the alphabet to lead my post. I will share information with you ladies and gents on someone/thing in the fashion industry, depending on the letter that I am posting on that day.
A is for Amy Astley who is the Editor in Chief of my favourite fashion publication, Teen Vogue. Amy is super stylish (above, in Oscar de la Renta's coffeebean dress) and I think she does a killer job with the monthly creation Teen Vogue.
This picture is a courtesy of If posting this image is not allowed, off THELOOKBOOK this picture goes.

The City of (Fashionable) Lights.

Dear readers,
I heard that Paris Fashion Week started yesterday (Wednesday, September 30, 2009, woah!). Spring 2010 Fashion Month has flown by so quickly! I am so excited to view the latest show offerings. The fashion shows in Paris are always so creative and glamourous.
( In case you were wondering, this whimsical fashion masterpiece is from extravagant designer Alexander McQueen's Fall 2008-2009 collection).
Are you excited to see the Paris fashion shows?


Sorry fashionable lovelies:
With work and school and homework, this blog has been put on my back burner. I apologize, and will continue posting when I have spare moments.
Thank you for bearing with me!