Saturday, July 23, 2011

Chuckle Fest.

Coming back to the writing table after having started this story, I find this story hilarious. One night while commuting home on the subway, I was thinking that I would love to write. I love writing, and expressing my experiences, thoughts, and, emotions, through words. When I made it home from the rainy outdoors, write I did. Then I was thinking: UM. I have a seemingly forgotten fashion blog I have neglected because my minutes are spent creating, promoting, and blogging over here, so check it out!

Here is a pretty comical non-sartorial story for YOU:

There was a man who sitting beside me (not right beside me, but two seats away. Thank God he was not right beside me. I would have cackled with laughter. Cackled, I tell you. This man was carving a 2 by 3 inch piece of styrofoam into a shape which God only knows from what appeared to be a guitar pick. A GUITAR PICK. He was carving so intensely, and crazily, about 5 people forming a square in their seats around him (myself included) on the westbound train stared humourously, transfixed, at this mad/carving man. This man made a complete mess of his surrounded area... just before he exited the subway he quickly tidied his spot as if he was never there. Astonishing. To this day I am still amazed and wonder what that man was making from his styrofoam cube.

Don't be afraid to be yourself and do fun things on the subway. I truly think we can all take a lesson from this man.

School has started, but do you have any funny summer stories to share? Leave them in the comment box!
Hope all is well sweet cheeks. Love and miss you all. Holler.