Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas! I hope everyone has a stylish and fabulous Christmas!

Studded Edge

This picture is from Streetpeeper via PhotoBucket. Someone please tell me?
Let us first start with the hat. Lovely and slouchy with studs, which make the toque tough chic. The biker jacket model Ali Michael is so soft and stylish and well fitted, basically a commodity which promotes fashion bliss. The white tee is cool with the silvery graphics, and do not get me started with the bag - the colours are so beautiful, and you can just tell that the bag is so luxurious. I love the colour and fit of Ali's blue jeans, and the studded heels bring the whole outfit together well.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Hyoni is happening!

This photograph is a courtesy of Make sure you go to that address if you have not visited the site before!

I will not lie, when I first saw this outfit, I did not like this outfit. I thought the fancy Lanvin pants looked off with those sneakers and the chilled out tee. Although the bag adds an air of dressiness, this outfit did not cut it for me. Almost inevitably, there is a little je ne sai quoi that keeps bringing me back to the genious styling of this outfit. I think the poofy-sleeved tee looks darling with the Lanvin skinny black bow pants. I think the soft gray chain bag adds an air of elegance and softness to this look, while the sneakers make this ensemble appropriate for a day (shopping, perhaps?).

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Sweet Lace

Image from TeenVogue via (best people EVER).
How darling is this look from a Teen Vogue August 2007 fashion shoot - starring none other than teen Super and TeenVogue favourite Karlie Kloss - who happens to be one of my favourite models as well!
Karlie's hair in the picture is perfectly wavy/shiny/gorgeous, and the black eyeliner adds just the right amount of edge to this look.
How sweet is the lace-y miniature dress? I love how artsy and soft the black jacket is. The shiny magenta handbag tops off this look beautifully!
What do you like about this ensemble?

A SuperSad SUPERmodel Passing

Dearest readers,
How long it has been since I last posted!
Even though I typically post about clothing ensembles I think are the bees knees, I must inform you on a tragic passing. Asian model Daul Kim sadly passed away. Daul was found dead in her Paris, France apartment on November 19 by her boyfriend. Sources say the causes of death was suicide. (The Telegraph UK). I know this is late, but news like this is so important to bring awarenes to depression, loneliness, and suicide.
My thoughts are with Daul Kim's family and dear frends at this time.
Rest In Peace Daul Kim.
The picture above is from If this picture is not allowed on THELOOKBOOK, off it goes!