Thursday, October 1, 2009

The ABC's of Fashion!

A little fashion reading from me, to you:
For the next 26 days (I hope), I will use a letter of the alphabet to lead my post. I will share information with you ladies and gents on someone/thing in the fashion industry, depending on the letter that I am posting on that day.
A is for Amy Astley who is the Editor in Chief of my favourite fashion publication, Teen Vogue. Amy is super stylish (above, in Oscar de la Renta's coffeebean dress) and I think she does a killer job with the monthly creation Teen Vogue.
This picture is a courtesy of If posting this image is not allowed, off THELOOKBOOK this picture goes.


faith_patrick said...

Would you happen to be interested in makeup? I'd be incredibly interested in reading what you have to say about cosmetics!

Fashionable Earth said...

Cute, like how you did this. We also posted our "ABC's" :