Saturday, September 26, 2009


Hello fashion darlings,
How are you all?
Although I am [mildly] against "trends" per say, brogues are my kind of shoe. (Almost) never one to wear masculine/feminine combined looks, I cannot seem to get over brogues! I love how they are old fashioned made modern, in a fun way!
Do you like brogues as much as I?
This image is a courtesy of (one of my favourite websites, of all time)! If having this image is not allowed, off the blog it goes.


blackbird said...

I can't decide if I think these shoes are hidiously ugly or fun and fabulous!!! I tend to be a fan of retro made modern styles... but I just can't picture what kind of outfit I would put together with a pair of these. hmmm...

FashionChatter said...

They are fun and fabulous. What about pairing these to-die-for shoes with black wide-leg pants (or even boyfriend jeans, gasp!) with a silky cardigan?

blackbird said...

ooohh... I guess we now know why you're the one writing the blog and I'm the one reading it!!