Wednesday, September 9, 2009


This beautiful outfit, from the Fall/Winter 2010 Pink Tartan runway is just divine. Kimberley Newport-Mimran (Head designer, President and co-founder of Pink Tartan) never fails to impress me. Kimberley designs feminine clothing with details that make the clothing wearable without looking too girly. Kimberley's clothing collections are always, I repeat, always so beautiful (which is why she is one of my favourite designers).
This pretty ensemble, with the sweet bow blouse; is tucked into a little black gathered sleeve coat with bow detailing, and black loose pants and pointy toe shoes (which pretty much makes for the most glamourous outfit ever. This look is topped off with minimal makeup and a pompadour (most likely to keep the eyes on the beautiful look).
I am having a sartorial moment.
This image is a courtesy of I presume this outfit was designed by Kimberley Newport-Mimran and give Kimberley Newport-Mimran and Pink Tartan and affiliates of Pink Tartan all credit for this image. I e-mailed Pink Tartan for permission to use this image on my blog, but never heard back, so I am assuming that using this image for TheLookBook is fine. If utilizing this image is not okay, I will take full responsibility for the use of this image, and delete this blog post immediately. Thank you for bearing with me.

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