Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Dear fashion friends,
Even though the fashion industry is very seasonally based, I still think that it is important to remember work from fashion makers past.... so: how fun is this rockin' miniature dress from designer Betsey Johnson's Spring 2008 collection? I love how the sweetheart/bodice transforms into the full polka dotted layered skirt. Too bad you can't do a cartwheel in that number!
(For all who do not know, designer Betsey Johnson has done a cartwheel at the very end of all of her runway shows for years... I'll get back to you on the number of years).
What do you think?
XoXoFashion Chatter.
This dress is a courtesy of www.teenvogue.com. I give full credit to Betsey Johnson and hear team for the design of this dress.
Thank you!

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