Friday, September 25, 2009


Dear fashionistas,
How lovely is this dress from designer duo Karen Craig and Georgina Chapman of Marchesa? The light interwoven spontaneous ruffled layers combined with the fabric flower-esque petals make for an ethereal fashion dream.
The leg art/or stockings also complete this look perfectly.
This picture is a courtesy of If posting this image on THELOOKBOOK is not allowed, then I will promptly remove it.


blackbird said...

So pretty and flower-like... very Midsummer Night's Dream :)
I'm not sure if I could pull this one off or not... maybe I should just stick to admireing from afar :)

FashionChatter said...

Jazzy, you have NO idea how much I am in love with this frock. The only problem is that it definitely costs thousands of dollars... so the chances of me owning this fashion confection are basically zero (tear). I think fashion is the one way we can use our expression to go over the top. Wearing pieces is all about having the confidence to wear ceratin pieces of clothing!