Sunday, May 23, 2010

Once upon a time... in a land close to home: there were two beautiful girls who embarked on a sunny day adventure.

This sunny adventure included pretty outfits, funny poses, scorching sunshine, and ulitimately, photographs of two very beautiful girls.
This beautiful girl's name is Richelle. I happen to think this is a beautiful photograph.
Fun poses. No clothing credits. All clothing items are model's own. Jerrica and Richelle have such cool style!
Black and white creates a nice, fashionable contrast.
Black and white shirt and same colours in this lovely striped skirt with ruched/scrunching pocket detailing.
Not quite peep toe, not quite closed toe, VERY; stylish heels. I like this pair in particular because of the unique purple colour and interesting design of the shoe.
Every girl needs a pair of great high heels!

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blackbird said...

i love the black heels too!