Saturday, May 29, 2010

My Highschool Prom

Hi loves,
How are you?
Here are some pictures of my highschool prom that I attended last evening. It was such a wonderful night!
The decorations were cute, I had some great times with my school friend, and I spent the evening dancing away in my most beautiful Betsey Johnson Sugar and Spice Pink dress. The food was great, and the dance was amazing!
This is the Betsey Johnson dress I wore to my prom. My feet are a little cut off, but I will probably do another post with more detail shots, etc for you guys to see. I was so happy that I wore flat shoes because I danced all night, and at the end of the night, the floor was just GROSS from food, fallen corsages, etc.
If you are a regular reader of The Look Book, then you might remember that I did a blog post on wanting to wear this dress to my prom. Originally I saw this dress online, but I actually purchased this dress at the Betsey Johnson store in the Yorkville area of Toronto, Ontario. The sales people at the Betsey Johnson boutique were AMAZING. They offered so much help to me in finding the perfect prom dress (which mine truly was :) Also... when you go to a store like this, you are getting individual attention, and it seems like the sales associates really care about your shopping/fashion experience at the store as a whole.
This is a vintage popcorn machine. Cute, eh?!
Cute little carousel-esque decorations. The colour theme was blue, red, yellow, white. The theme of my prom was "Vintage Carnival". It was cute.
More popcorn and pouf material and triangular banners decorating an elevated area.
The lost horses make another appearance!
Great times!

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blackbird said...

sounds fun!! i'm glad you had such an amazing time and the dress is WONDERFUL! you rocked it girl!