Friday, May 21, 2010

On Fashion

I love fashion.

Hence why I started a fashion blog.

I started to get really into fashion, and in short, fashion mystified me. In fact, the fashion industry as a whole still mystifies me. I continue to read magazines, fashion blogs of all kinds, fashion books, fashion websites like and other fashion related realms because I am in wonder of the fashion industry.
The industry that I have found that I like the best so far is, in fact, the fashion industry.

I love fashion because it is arty, and creative.

Not to be so cliche, but I strongly believe fashion is an art form.

The people who call themselves a fashion designer often:
Think of,

Refine their sketches,
Make a mock up of their sketched garments (which they have thought of themselves, inside their very own heads),
Refine their mock ups,
Add detail,
and more...
And finally, create a final product which can be sold in stores.

Even though this is not a painter creating a beautiful masterpiece on a canvas, fashion can be thought of as an art form.
I think even more because people CAN ACTUALLY BUY fashion, and PEOPLE CAN ACTUALLY WEAR FASHION. Just...
the thought of this gets me excited!!!!
The prospect of OTHER PEOPLE creating garments that OTHER people can WEAR. This, I believe, is a gift from God, people. REJOICE!

I can also see how fashion might be more accessible than real canvas, kind of type art. There are many clothing stores where the average person, no matter what their profession, background, ethnicity, culture, and religion choice can purchase a piece of beautifully crafted, amazing quality, fashion items. Excitement continues.

In fashion, there are SO many different designers which portray so many different styles

More to come!



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blackbird said...

we are all our own blank canvases. we decide what we wear, how we do our makeup, how we wear our hair, and ultimately what kind of art we will be. every morning we get a chance to start fresh and turn ourselves into a new piece of art. this not only applies to how we look on the outside, but who we are on the inside. our personalities are a different and even more meaningful canvas -harder to see and harder to change, but who a person is on the inside can be truly beautiful. again, every morning and each new day we are given the gift of a chance to change that canvas. however, unlike the canvas of our bodies, this canvas doesn't start completely white and blank every time we undress. this canvas gets painted over and added to over time. we can never erase the past, but we can always add new colour to the future. we change though our experiences and work on improving certain traits. people who know you have an opinion on you, that opinion can gradually change as the canvas of your personality changes.
so yes. fashion is an art. it imitates our lives and elements of our world, and sometimes our world imitates fashion.