Saturday, May 1, 2010


Hello all!
I just wanted to share a beauty shot/self portrait I did with you all! The other day I came across a study which found that men really like women with LONG hair opposed to SHORT hair. CRAZY! Now I may just be superuptight or whatever, but I think that men should like women regardless if their hair is long or not... I mean, it is only hair. I know people are drawn to hair, and it can really catch your attention, but to not date/marry a FABULOUS girl because she does not have long hair, and you are a boy who prefers long hair... well that just does not make sense to me. Anyways! I love, love, LOVED, my hair this day. This was a GOOD hair day, and I was HAPPY. I love how curly and crazy and awesome my hair is in this picture. What do you guys think?!


blackbird said...

you're right, it IS a good hair day! love it!
but really, they're doing studies like that all the time (what's better, blondes or brunettes? what's better, short or tall? funny or sexy? etc, etc,etc.) all guys have different preferences, so even if ONE magazine says long is better that just means that what most of the guys they asked like. you perfect man is out there. and he LOVES your hair. (and your personality!)

Anonymous said...

actually it's more of a biological/evolutionary thing! men prefer long, thick, shiny, hair because it suggests fertility. this preference is instinctive, something they don't necessarily have control over! thanks mother nature..