Thursday, May 20, 2010

Guest Contributor

Hi dears,
This is a variation on a "street style" post. This picture was not taken on an actual street, but it was not a planned photograph.
This lovely lady is one of my father's customers. You got that right... a father figure contributing on a FASHION blog! I am not going to lie, I totally thought it was crazy when my Dad e-mailed me a picture for my blog. My initial reaction was: what the heck?! I AM the one with the interest in fashion here. Sorry... I think I will just leave your picture alone... but the this's woman's brown cardigan and purple scarf combo with the interesting print on her shirt actually got my eye. I think her look is actually quite stylish. In the words of my dear Daddy "the scarf got me".

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blackbird said...

very nice! it's so much more impressive when 'normal people' look good. as opposed to models and celebs, because they don't have a whole crew working hard to make them look good! they just have their own fashion sense!