Sunday, June 13, 2010

When I met Linda Lundstrom, Part 1

Hi guys!
So I actually cannot believe I am embarking on this post at this time.
I actually met ICONIC Canadian Fashion designer LINDA LUNSTROM!!!!!!!! at Sharon's of Hyde Park, in London, Ontario... FOREVER ago.
This sign was standing to notify the shoppers that Linda Lundstrom was in the boutique. This event was probably the most amazing fashion event I have been to thus far. I was covering this trunk show for blog material, and I was probably the youngest lady in the shop... because Linda's clientele is around 50 years + . At the end of the event when everyone had left, I stuck around for a PERSONAL fashion show in which I was the model, strutting my stuff in my uniform duds!
This is a rack of Linda's Spring/Summer 2010 clothing garments.
This is a silk chiffon skirt from Linda's Spring/Summer 2010 collection.

This is a closeup of the print on the aforementioned silk chiffon skirt. It is hand painted! Can you believe it?!
More to come! Please stay tuned!

Jill xo

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blackbird said...

hand painted! wow!