Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Exciting news!!!

Hi lovelies,
How are you all doing?
I got this picture from www.newyorksocialdiary.com. If it is not allowed on The Look Book then just tell me... I would be glad to remove it!
In this picture are Teen Vogue Fashion Market Editor Mary Kate Steinmiller (left) and Teen Vogue Public Relations Director Eleanor Banco. I love love love their dresses. Also... if Eleanor owns that amazing (what I believe is Valentino) dress, then I am seriously envious of her! Why did I choose to put this picture on The Look Book? ... because I hope to meet Mary Kate Steinmiller and Eleanor Banco when I go to visit Teen Vogue. That is right dearies! Yours truly will be popping by the Teen Vogue corporate headquarters for a little visit with the lovely Editors at the magazine. Only 16 more days! I will keep you guys posted.

Until then... I need to study for my final exams and get shopping for an outfit for my special day! Any suggestions?

Oh... and how do you like my header? A little too large? I will change it at some point...


Jill Xo

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