Friday, June 11, 2010

Interview with Eva Chen, TEEN VOGUE 's Beauty and Health Director

Photo of EVA CHEN via Teen Vogue. If this picture is not allowed on The Look Book, just let me know!
Here is an amazing interview with Eva Chen, who is Teen Vogue's super sweet, intelligent, and sophisticated Beauty and Health Director. Enjoy!

1) What is your home town?

I grew up in New York City! I went to a private, all-girls school on the Upper East Side. Similar in attitude to Gossip Girl, however, clearly I was never like that! I was a big bookworm growing up!

2) Current place of residence:

I still live in Manhattan, in Greenwich Village.

3) What does your daily beauty routine consist of?

Every morning, I wash my face, apply a serum, then apply SPF 30. At night, I wash my face, apply a serum, and then apply a night cream, eye cream, and lash serum! I also moisturize my body every night!

4) What education do you have?

High school degree, university degree, and a masters in Journalism from Columbia.

5) Why were you drawn to a career in the magazine industry?

I always loved to read magazines and books growing up. I’d even read cookbooks—anything I could get my hands on! I love that I’m contributing to a magazine that I love - and one that makes a difference in the lives of young women everywhere!

6) Why did you choose to work at Teen Vogue?

Well, I was working at ELLE magazine at the time and it was sort of like Teen Vogue chose ME! The beauty editor position opened up and the editor in chief, the very talented Amy Astley, called me! I’m so grateful to work at Teen Vogue, I love the celebs we cover (Hello, Robert Pattinson!) and the topics.

7) What do your daily tasks at the magazine include?

I oversee the layouts, text, and execution of the beauty and health pages and also contribute to the website (I have a Beauty Blog) and special projects like the Teen Vogue Handbook! A lot of my day is actually spent in meetings, whether it’s with the Art Department (at Teen Vogue) or with the creators of a hot new fragrance!

8) What is your favourite part of working at Teen Vogue?

Definitely the fact that every day is different. I love never being bored! And I love talking to teens...

9) (The fact that you are a beauty editor made me not be able to resist :) What are some of your all time favourite beauty products?
Oh, great question! There are too many to count!
I love:
Aveeno foaming cleanser for sensitive skin
Olay Regenerist
Maybelline lipgloss
Nars cream blush
Rimmel nailpolish
Ren Organics body scrub
the list goes on!!

10) You are a beauty and health editor, so one health related question: what kind of food do you eat?
I totally believe that beauty begins with what you eat and how you treat your body as a whole! I eat a TON of fruits and veggies - they’re my favorite food group by far! I love eggs (which are great for skin/nails) as well... And peanut butter :)

As well, be sure to check out Eva's beauty blog on the Teen Vogue website. You can find it here: !

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