Saturday, April 3, 2010


Ladies and gents, I have a fashion issue.
I cannot tell you the number of times I have stumbled upon this photograph of Natalie Portman wearing this exact Lanvin dress. The thing is.. whenever I see this dress I am not sure if I like it. I can never decide if I think it is stylish and elegant, or just plan drab.
What are your thoughts?
Jill xo

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blackbird said...

I DO like this dress because...
-it looks so beautifully regal in an ancient roman kind of way
-it's light and flow-y
-it looks great with her updo (...and her makeup too)
-Natalie can pull off a plunging neckline like this one
-back to the regal thing, she looks like a queen in this!

I DO NOT like this dress because...
-the second, lower beltish thing that goes around her waist looks out of place (but I like the higher up one)

As for the COLOUR....
-one one hand, I think it's a colour that really looks good on Natalie, her skin looks great in this dress
-but on the other hand... what colour is this??? it isn't really green, or grey, nor is it brown.... on it's own, this colour is really ugly!
-in spite of how much I hate the colour, I can't think of any other colour that I would like better.
-not to mention, Natalie really does look amazing in this colour!!!

...but over all... I think I really like it!