Wednesday, April 21, 2010

A Really Beautiful Girl

Dear lovely readers,
This photographic story starts with two girls (J+M) who had a couple of delicious Starbucks drinks, and gosh did J not see the potential for a blog post. This is beauty, my dears. All of these fashionable items are M's, I must say (remember my meaningful content post? I must love these items, becaue I posted them on my blog :). M is a gorgeous girl!
This coach purse is a beauty. The black is so chic, and I just love the gorgeous pleating/gathered loveliness. In my opinion, this takes this otherword simple bag up to the next fashion level. So pretty!
A trinket, from Tiffany's no less! I love this one... the silver and key shape is so pretty/stylish.
This is how we do "modern pearls" right my dear. Tres chic!
M's windswept beauty.

This is M's look in total. Her ruched black shirt complements this classic "cool kid" look.Thank you so much to M for so willingly posing for the budding fashionista within me! Love!

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