Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Why hello my fashion lovelies,
I have not seen YOU in awhile.
Um herm. School does that to your life.
I have been seemingly missing from the blogosphere. Hopefully that will change in the short term? (I am in March Break right now). I really need to flip some study notes pages more, but I just HAD to do a blog. I mean a 9 day absence from this sphere of existence?! GIVE ME A BREAK. I am so blog deprived. Hahaha! More look loves/show reviews/special updates coming up. Promise.

I am kinda sad that Paris fashion week is over... but the weather is getting nicer which is pretty much bliss. BLISS, people. The weather affects fashion in the way that you wear different clothing items when the weather is warmer versus when the weather is colder. Clearly.

Well... please let me know who you are, what you like in fashion right now, what your favourite Paris show was etc.

P.S. Who might into a bloggers summit? If there are enough people, I might just plan one :)

Love and blessings.

Jill xo

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blackbird said...

Hey Jill! I know what you mean! It seems like all of the sudden, all I want to wear is bright springy colours!! Loving life right now!
What's a blogger's summit?