Sunday, February 7, 2010

Serious Thinking

Dear blog readers,
How are you all?
I want to connect with you. If you read my blog, PLEASE let me know! I want to hear from you! :)
I must tell you all that I have been seriously thinking about not blogging anymore. I just do not feel like people read my blog, and as of yet, I do not have a way of knowing how many page views I get. Sigh.
I initially started blogging to have a voice, and to vent fashionable views but sometimes I just feel like blogging is not what I should be doing. Blogging is time consuming, and I am not sure if people even read this blog, even if they ARE "Followers".
So, next time you vist, do me a favour: let me know how much you love my blog if you want to see it continue to have posts.
Love always,

1 comment:

blackbird said...

Hi Jill,
Well, I know this might be a little too late, because you've already posted saying you are going to continue your blogs anyway, but I thought I might as well respond.
I really enjoy your blog, your writing style is so positive, light and upbeat. I can tell from this blog that you really have a passion for fashion. It takes a long time to work up a really solid group of followers, but the people who do follow do it because they love what you are saying, and want to hear you say it on a daily basis. This being said, you blog might be more successful if you posted more often. I know you put a stong emphasis on quality over quantity (and that is very admirable)but if you post more often (say, four or five times a week) it is more fun to follow. If people visit your blog every day for a week, and there is never a new post, they'll eventually stop checking. You want people to get into the routine of checking your blog every day. If it isn't routine, it gets forgotten. I know your're super busy and this is just one of many commitments, but if this blog is important to you (and I think it is!) then you might want to consider this.
But really Jill, you are so talented. I think this blog is a great way for you get get yourself out there, and (as you said)share your voice. I will be very sad to see this blog go before it's time. Keep up the amazing job!