Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The Ralph Lauren Spring/Summer 2010 Fashion Show

Dearest fashion lovers,
The fashion industry is presently within the Fall/Winter 2010 fashion shows. Sometimes I do not feel like perusing the Winter shows, but looking more at the Spring shows (for the same year) because it is SO cold out, I just want a little taste of summer!
I totally overlooked the Ralph Lauren Spring/Summer 2010 runway show. Sorry Ralph! Talk about pure glamour. Love.
All images via Coutorture.com. If these images are not allowed on my site, off they go! This dress is so gorgeous I cannot even contain myself. I love this dress. Oh, I love it!
This dress is kind of perfect. So simple, yet so glamourous. I would love to wear this outfit!
This dress is so simple, but so lovely. I love how the ruffle-y shape at the bottom of the dress is so flowy and free.
Don't you just see how these pieces (and the whole collection, for that matter) just ooze glamour?
Consider me sold.
A quickie but a goodie ( I would say :)
Have a great rest of London Fashion Week, my friends!

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