Friday, February 12, 2010

The Death of a Legend

Photograph of Mister Lee Alexander McQueen is from It this picture is not allowed on my blog, then off it goes!
The fashion industry is devastated about the passing of a legend, Mr. Lee Alexander McQueen, who was found dead at his home on Thursday, February 11, 2010. The cause of his death? Tragically, suicide. Most have you have probably already heard of this news but I have been so crazy busy I have not been able to post this awful news. Alexander McQueen, who was a brilliant British fashion designer and creator, discovered by Isabella Blow (who also committed suicde in May 2007 ;( will surely be missed by an industry he contributed so much too. Rest In Peace, Mr. Lee Alexander McQueen.

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blackbird said...

So sad.
When celebrities commit suicide, I always cannot help but wonder if the stress of being in the spotlight contributed to the tragedy. It is so terrible to think that something you love so much could lead you to your demise. The same thing goes for people who die because of an accident or disease related to their passion, like the poor luge racer from Germany.
blessings and prayers for his family,