Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Reflection of The Day

I thought I would start a new post in by blog called "Reflection of The Day". What I envision for this part of my blog is that I will post a little reflection. Just a little something I think, and am thinking about.
To start... this is my reflection of today:
"Hair straighteners are so 2005". What I mean by this is flat, drab, hair straightener induced hair is so over. Hair straigteners may work wonders for some people, but certainly not me. I have crazy everything hair. My hair is not really straight though... and I have seen so many people fight their natural hair type by straigtening it, and when they do, it looks awful. If your hair is naturally straight, that is lovely! I will not deny, lot of times I wish I had straight, even tame hair, but alas, I do not.
So go ahead, embrace your natural hair type today!

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