Sunday, August 22, 2010

My Teen Vogue visit...

So... as you all know... Teen Vogue's Beauty and Health Editor Eva Chen granted me the amazing opportunity to visit the Teen Vogue corporate headquarters at 4 Times Square in NYC. Asking for this opportunity and not taking would seem silly, so I quickly got on planning my first bite out of the Big Apple (which I love, and plan to move to some day!).

My visit to Teen Vogue took place on Thursday, July 8, 2010 at approximately 3:30 (if you want specifics).

Taking a flight from the Buffalo International Airport to the John F. Kennedy Airport, landing in the City at 12, we (I took my first trip to New York City with my Mom, my Mom's friend Marcey, and Marcey's daughter Holly. We are all friends.) did not make it to Manhattan (in my New York post, I mentioned we stayed at the BEAUTIFUL Renaissance New York Hotel 57) until 1:00. By the time we checked into our hotel, unpacked all of our clothing, grabbed lunch, and got ready, we were finally ready for our Teen Vogue visit!

1 sweltering cab ride, 2 Coach shoes, and 5 hair fixes later, we arrived at 4 Times Square. Walking in the black lacquered building (where Anna Wintour goes to work every day, no less), we grab a visitor name tag, and proceed to ride up the floor 4-9 elevators. Holly and I accidentally get off on the wrong floor (where Bon Appetit magazine is located), but soon found our way to the 9th floor.


After a little navigation to find the telephone, we dialled Eva's extension, and she came out. Eva is super cute, and so nice. When we visited the Teen Vogue offices Eva was wearing look #2 off of super fashion designer Thakoon Panichgul's Spring 2010 runway - a gorgeous seemingly crinkled silk chiffon-y type material of various different floral-y patterns, a single, pretty, bangle with one stone-y jewel. On her feet were leopard print-y Azzedine Alaia shoes, no less. Her outfit was, in a word, BEAUTIFUL.

Proceeding a polite welcome to the magazine's stunning head quarters, Eva invited my friend Holly and I into her office for a legitimate fashion meeting. In this meeting Eva first handed us the current issue of Teen Vogue, then discussed her career, the magazine's history, Amy Astley's career and history, as well as Eva's school path (including Johns Hopkins, Oxford University, and Columbia, no less).

After our meeting with Eva in her beautiful office filled to the BRIM with the hottest, newest cosmetics in the market - think Clinique, MAC nailpolishes, the Paul Smith kitty lipstick - Eva took us on a tour of the Editorial floor, fashion closet, and beauty closet (where she let us choose out some lovely goodies - I picked out mostly Bert's Bees body products... YUM.)

While at Teen Vogue, we got the chance to talk to Style Blogger Andrew Bevan, Entertainment Director Danielle Nussbaum (who is SO funny, and writes HILARIOUS/awesome tweets), Assistant to the Editor in chief Amy Astley, Ana Dragovic, super nice Online Editor/Director E.J. Samson. The thing that shocked me the most about meeting all of these SUPERnice people was that they dropped EVERYTHING and put their full attention on us as they spoke with us.

Teen Vogue facts:

Everyone at Teen Vogue was CRAZY nice.

The office is divided into separate sections according to their respective departments, like: Beauty section of office for Beauty Department, fashion closet, beauty closet.

There were pictures of Teen Vogue fashion shoots from many past issues all over the walls.

There were racks and racks (SWOON) of the seasons hottest fashion for the upcoming photo shoots in the hallways of the magazine's corporate headquarters, as well as the fashion closet.

Teen Vogue's Senior Accessories Editor (Shiona Turini) has quite possibly the best office I have ever seen in my life (her floor to ceiling is covered with the newest, hottest latest accessories, from brands like Marc by Marc Jacobs, to D&G, no less.

Thank you, Eva, and Teen Vogue, for this amazing opportunity. It was great to see Teen Vogue, and you all are wonderful.

Jill Xo

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