Sunday, January 3, 2010

Happy New Year and other Pretty Details!

Dear ladies and gents,

How are you all?

HAPPY NEW YEARS! Many blessings for a safe, happy, and stylish 2010 to all.

I just wanted to let you all know that I have been dreaming of self-styled posts for ages. Since my first published post, I believe.
Anyway, back to self-stylization. Oh, how I want to show you some oufits of my own! I have not been able to get together self-styled OR self-directed photography shoots onto my blog. The problem is, I did not want to post my own clothes because I was very bored with them... until recently. I needed new clothes, which I recently received. I do not know how to express the appreciation and love to my AMAZING Grandparents for treating me to beautiful, new clothing - so I will not try to write how I feel, as I know that my words will not express my gratitude to a fair degree. My new fashion pieces are beautiful, so hopefully I will be able to show some of my clothes to you all soon!

Which brings me to tell you, last night my family and I had a photography shoot with the lovely photographer Megan Dauphinee of Megan was a blast to shoot with because she is fun and super passionate about photography (which made me like Megan even more)! The reason I am filling you all in about my family photography shoot with Megan is because (upon my request) Megan unselfishly took many snaps of my brand new outfit I wore to the photography shoot last night, of which Megan will let me post on THELOOKBOOK. I am so excited about showing you fashionistas Megan's work with my outfit!
I highly reccommend Megan if you are in need of a photographer! Megan is SO talented at her craft.

Thank you for reading,

Please stay tuned,

Jill Xo

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blackbird said...

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