Thursday, July 15, 2010

When I took a bite out of the Big Apple:

Hello all!
I recently took a glorious trip to the Big Apple. It was AH-MAY-ZING! My trip to the City was from Thursday, July 8, to Saturday, July 10th. If you are planning a trip to NYC, I would totally recommend that you go for more than 48 hours, unless you have specific time limit in which you are forced to travel.

This is me at our hotel Renaissance Hotel 57 New York which was so glamourous, before we went to Teen Vogue.

And let me just tell you about my first ever magazine tour experience. I think this deserves a post in its own? I'd say. Stay tuned. I have a LOT to write about my visit!

Shirt/Banana Republic Spring/Summer 2010
Wristlet/ Coach (real, obviously, as I do not support counterfeit goods... Fakes Are Never In Fashion).

This is a picture of the most delicious piece of bread I have ever tasted in my life from the BLT Steak restaurant. It had a crispy shell and inside was the most fluffy bread baked with an egg and gruyere cheese. Talk about HEAVEN on Earth!
This is a picture I took of our hotel's interior decoration in the lounge area. It was so funky and cool. The hotel had a stylish boutique theme. Another shot of the lounge area in our hotel. I thought these lights were the coolest ever! They reminded me of pink jellyfish you usually see in cartoony movies.

This is a typical tourist (and I hope that someday I do not just to be a tourist in NYC) shot of me in Little Italy eating scrumptious mango gelati. Oh, the joys of mango gelato!
More hotel decor. Doesn't that pillow and the style of the chair just make you want to run over to this chair, jump, and sit on it?!
Cool little blown glass looking decorations in the lobby of the hotel.
This is a picture that I look from the hotel's rooftop. It had a surreal view. I like this picture because you can see the Empire State building and I like the angular and linear lines in this photograph, and the way it looks like you can walk off of this patio and be in any of the buildings in this photograph.
This sign was located JUST outside of our hotel. I like the way the silver reflects the buildings across the street.
This marble floor was located in the hallway in our hotel leading to the rooftop view of lovely NYC.
I just had to include one picture of a famous NYC yellow taxicab. I thought the Lola Marc Jacobs advertisement suited the fashion nature of this blog quite nicely (although I neither photographed or was involved with the production of the ad. All props go to Marc and his team of talented workers.
So long, NYC. I love and loved you. Hopefully I will see you again soon!
Jill Xo

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