Tuesday, December 1, 2009

A SuperSad SUPERmodel Passing

Dearest readers,
How long it has been since I last posted!
Even though I typically post about clothing ensembles I think are the bees knees, I must inform you on a tragic passing. Asian model Daul Kim sadly passed away. Daul was found dead in her Paris, France apartment on November 19 by her boyfriend. Sources say the causes of death was suicide. (The Telegraph UK). I know this is late, but news like this is so important to bring awarenes to depression, loneliness, and suicide.
My thoughts are with Daul Kim's family and dear frends at this time.
Rest In Peace Daul Kim.
The picture above is from http://www.supermodels.nl/. If this picture is not allowed on THELOOKBOOK, off it goes!

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