Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Leighton's Loveliness (Now)

I am not going to lie, I really disliked this look when I first saw the individual pieces all together. The mid-calf socks did not appeal to me, like, at all. While perusing the internet, I kept on coming back to this particular ensemble worn by Leighton, and I now really enjoy this look! Can you imagine that?! The first time I saw this look I did, however, LOVE the Louis Vuitton frock above. I love the pattern of the ruffles and on the bottom of this dress.
(Both photographs from If they are not allowed posted, you all now the drill...).
Leightons outifit: amazing: [ a long cozy gray sweater with pockets brings this look back to Earth , sweet, simply DARLING little 3.1 Philip Lim mini (in its sheer glory, pardon the pun!) which polka dots add the right amount of sleekness to, and tough-chic Christian Louboutin booties which I think complete this styled perfection very well. Oh, how I love booties!
The belt ties this outfit together wonderfully.
Now, you must understand: when I first saw these two outfits, I did not really like the oufits. Then a certain something about the way the separate pieces in the outfit were put together (styled) kept drawing me back into sartorial bliss. I am sold.
As well as loving Leighton Meester's character Blair Waldorf's super styled (by Charlotte Russe stylist Eric Daman) outfits on the CW Network's hit show Gossip Girl, I super love Leighton's edgy/ Earthy ensembles in real life (Calvin Klein, Louis Vuitton at the Met Ball AND the Teen Choice Awards, anyone?!) I do not Leighton Meester personally, but from her video interview at, and her spread in Teen Vogue, this Queen B seems like a sweet heart!
All in all, well belted!


FashionChatter said...

I know, I know... this is a SUPER long post, but I think that this post is one of my best posts in a long time. Enjoy! Plus, comments please!

blackbird said...

I have to say, my reaction to both theese outfits was very different from yours! I loved them both at first sight!!! Leighton's look is ver in line with my own I think (okay so my clothes come from what I can scrounge and reinvent from my basement along with the bargans I find at my fav stores... but we have a similar style even if her clothes actually have names attached to them). The only think I might (and I say might) change would be the footware in the first photo. Neither the socks or shoes really wow me and I might swap them for kind of a slouchy ankle boot, probably in black, but maybe I'd draw out one of the orange-y hues from the dress to add some fun. What do you think?