Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Secrets to being a star employee?
Certainly not steaming your clothes before you arrive the office. Subway commutes and walks usually wrinkle your clothes a wee bit before you even get to the office anyway.

But rules for success:
Never be standing around doing nothing. There is ALWAYS something to do.

Everyone texts/BBMS/Pings. Its fashion, PEOPLE. What are my thoughts on this? Texting is super fashiony. If you are doing something important, do it while you are eating or on a wee break.

Arrive early and stay later than others - typical intern guidelines.

Be friendly, kind, and super hardworking... even if it takes a bit of time and other people are not this way. If you are afraid to do something (which I definitely have been) remember that everyone else also had a first time for everything like you!

Be thankful for an awesome opportunity you have been blessed with!

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Anonymous said...

Love. Thanks for the post, Jill. These are great tips!